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Campaign of the Week – Youtube #OursToLose


YouTube users are more than ever need their numbers and popularity showed no sign of abating, and therefore YouTube itself has walker harness these powerful communication problem, which affects all of us – climate change.

In the COP21 Climate Change Conference from party activists keen to use the opportunity to raise awareness of environmental changes the sense of receiving great attention. Although individual blog can have his heart in the right place, this is the first time they have come together to lobby for a good cause. In major battles YouTube, we asked to sign a petition campaign website Avaaz world moving towards cleaner energy.

And the all-star video campaign launched. This is smart because it plays every YouTube user’s strength; whether it is food, natural, parenting, or travel, everyone has something to lose as a result of climate change. To emphasize their dedication in the sport through Youtube, and even change its flag #OursToLose image.

In addition to movie hero, YouTube community are invited to submit ideas on climate change, their video format; regularly publish next week to look forward to the movie.

The charm of this movement is that it reaches a wide audience, from different countries, ages and interests. Every YouTube star through an existing hard-won trust with their audience. In this case, into signing petitions may reach the audience of world leaders.

The ultimate goal of the petition is to achieve 100% there is “clean” of global energy needs by 2050 this world power infrastructure and an unprecedented level of cross-border cooperation massive restructuring of state, began with the United Nations. It is no small claim, but if anyone can do it, the world’s largest manufacturer of video and storytelling to the community.

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