Kitchen Stone launches delicious 100% non-processed frozen food snacks

KARACHI: Kitchen Stone, Pakistan’s first non-processed frozen food company, held an open house for media and special guests on Saturday at the PALPA (Pakistan Airlines Pilots Association) club in Karachi. The launch – a food tasting event – was attended by food retailers, food bloggers, media and discerning guests, who were delighted at being able to enjoy delicious snacks, safe in the knowledge that they were completely non-processed.

With a wide range of food & snacks like their exclusive ‘ChikCheez’ (chicken cheese balls), Pizza rolls, chicken burgers and rolls, samosas, kebabs and ‘koftas, it is the only company that offers its consumers, frozen food free of any preservatives, taste enhancers, food colors or additive chemicals and salting.

The event started at 6:30pm with media personnel on hand to capture the moment. They were also treated to an array of food sampling products. This was followed by an introduction presentation by Kitchen Stone Director & Co-owner Kamran Saeed, providing details on the non-processed frozen products available to consumers who are looking for a healthy choice for their families. The presentation included an awareness message from Dr. Saima Khan, MRCGP (UK) – MRCP (Ireland)- CCFP (Canada) & General Physician Dubai, UAE. Her talk included the risks & impacts of consuming processed food. Dr. Ayesha Abbas, a leading nutritionist from Pakistan, who has also been very active in media was also there on hand to speak about the benefits of non-processed foods. Following this, the retailers and meat suppliers were given the opportunity to sample the yummy goodies.

With the promise of making healthier food options available for Pakistani consumers, Kitchen Stone sells chicken, beef & vegetarian products that are prepared without extra salting, curing, fermentation, smoking, or any such processes to enhance flavor or improve preservation. As a result, they restrict their shelf life to 3-4 months, as opposed to processed foods, which claim up to 12 months. This also ensures that Kitchen Stone consumers get their food fresher than for other processed brands.

Keeping the International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (IARC) 2015 report in mind, the company sells non-processed foods, which are not classified as ‘Group 1’, which includes cancer-causing carcinogens. It has streamlined sourcing from the most trusted suppliers to ensure farm fresh ingredients and the healthiest beef and poultry meat. IARC’s research was corroborated by Dr. Saima Khan. She “strongly recommends” consuming non-processed foods, because processed meats are chemically enhanced. “They are made from solely refined ingredients and artificial substances. They give you empty calories but no nutrition and the preservatives, chemical flavors and saturated fats used are directly related to heart diseases and cancers.”

The event culminated in a tasting session of all the range of Kitchen Stone products, which were an instant hit with food bloggers, press, media & celebrities alike. “We are grandparents ourselves, and hence we understand that no matter how healthy, if the food isn’t tasting great, the kids & families will never take appeal to any brand. Hence, all our products go through multiple rounds of iterative development to get that perfect taste which families will love”, said a beaming Mrs Tabassum Kamran, founder & co-owner of Kitchen Stone Foods.

ABOUT Kitchen Stone

Kitchen Stone is the only branded company in Pakistan that offers its consumers, at a mass retail level, the convenience of non-processed frozen food, free from any preservatives, artificial flavors, and additive chemicals or salting. Its range of scrumptious food made of non-processed meat is the healthiest choice for consumers and their families. The range includes exclusive ‘ChikCheez’ (chicken cheese balls), Pizza rolls, Chicken burgers, Kebabs, Koftas & a wide variety of similar products.
Kitchen Stone is for families looking for healthier options for ready to cook food. They use 100% non-processed meat, almost farm fresh ingredients, no food color, taste enhancers or any form of preservatives.

Shop only in Rs 1 on 23rd march at

Cheezmall history maker is all set to launch the latest date in e-commerce from Pakistan by placing rush hour items to be sold for Rs 1 including all taxes and delivery charges only.

Shopping only in Rs 1 on 23rd March

Now make the purchase only in Rs 1 On 23rd March at

Sounds crazy? Yes, it is because stepped up again in launching the biggest event for online shopping in Pakistan where all customers will have a chance to get units for Rs 1 only.

getting items for Rs 1 only

Each product at the rush hour offers would be Rs 1 only in that one does not have to pay any additional cost along with Rs 1 price. Products are shown as rush hour event.

1 rupee offer @ cheezmall

There is no limit on the purchase, no minimum bucket, no minimum purchase, no additional charges, no taxes included separately, no shipping everything would buy at Rs 1 only and products in your door step by paying of Rs 1 child delivery.

Buy in Rs 1 only at cheezmall

What else needs to get someone mad? has left nothing behind in making online shoppers go crazy. On the day of national happiness, has brought some national spirit in online shopping as well.

1 rupee offer at cheezmall

There were about 13-15 items available on this day. Each product get open after every hour and a customer can order 1 SKU only through an ID.

One rupee offer at cheezmall

There would be an average of 30 items per SKU which means an average of 30 consumers might have the opportunity to order these products to Rs 1 single and after 30 orders of action would be oversupplied.

Buy in rs 1 at cheezmall also share the name of each winner order for everything to be fair and products could reach end consumers without any bluff.
In order to be readily available, cheezmall would complete customer support on Facebook and Watsapp to consumers in order to provide more.

23rd march 1 rs offer

There would be a Mega event also at the end. Last agreement would be 1 Samsung Mobile B310. A consumer would have the opportunity to end this Samsung mobile for Rs 1 only.

cheezmall 23rd march offer

Cheezmall just break all day March 23, offered through these crazy offers in the National Day. After making history in selling mobile Zuk then officer XIAOMI sale through cheezmall, this step of Rs 1 hour deals shopping tip is something that states really that cheezmall soon change the future of online shopping in Pakistan customers are about to get the best benefits is that ever can have in online shopping experience that was ruined by former players like Daraz, kaymu etc.

So be prepared, fasten your Internet speed, devices and make your family and friends will be available with different devices, and an order ID would only be entertaining. A moment back to keep better devices and Internet speed in order to obtain especially Samsung mobile products at Rs 1 only.

Cheezmall Launches Lenovo Zuk Z1 as partners with Mobicash and Zong

February 19th was the day, the history of e-commerce in Pakistan witnessed the history of Pakistan’s largest flash memory sales. The event was organized by none other than which only 24 hours flash available, flash sales has been the pinnacle of glory honor.

Cheezmall Launches Lenovo Zuk Z1 as partners with Mobicash and Zong

Cheezmall launches Lenovo Zuk Z1

Flash sales godfather, in Pakistan held again one day flash sale Lenovo ZUK Z1. This time, they offer something, the customer can not easily let go. With each phone, they gave a free smart watch, were 12GB package for 6 months. The whole package, about 8000 Pakistani rupees.

Lenovo Zuk Z1

What initially set target is around 1000 mobile phones. Mobicash exclusive payment partner to flash sales, and is expected to sell about 1,000 of the largest mobile phone because it requires at least Rs 7,000 20% down payment, it will lead to even shocking management, the 500 in just 44 minutes phone and was ordered in just 1 day, large-scale orders were hit 5000 forced to close down.

Cheezmall launches Lenovo Zuk Z1 in Pakistan

After this huge success and great, announced in Pakistan again next sale since Lenovo ZUK Z1 of 7 March 2016, they have been ordered to above, and the need to implement clear and current orders. They set the example, it will be very difficult for competitors to match. This huge success also inspired bring more brand management in Pakistan.

Lenovo Zuk Z1

Chinese game platform obtained after adding e-commerce industry increasingly fierce day. This is the time absolutely necessary because more competition for customers and the health of the industry is more benefit from these players off.

E-commerce and online shopping in Pakistan is entering the inlet Chinese platform is very mature stage. Since the college entrance examination, the industry has adopted many international festivals of online shopping. Although the results did not reach to each others, but was quietly established its base is very strong.

Cheezmall launches Lenovo Zuk Z1

It is so, because this is something that Chinese people, they never do too much shouting and exaggerate things, but continue to achieve its objectives and blood embodiment mode and gentle tones and silencing method. Examples of when the debate can majorly from Le China Construction hallway, then it was announced that there is no large forces to seize its facts drawn. They work quietly, calmly reach their goals, then when the bubble brusted up, this is nothing to lose.

Pakistan China Eonomic Corridor

Now, people can easily smell from method of this type. It would not be wrong to say that soon will bring Music – Chinese e-commerce corridor in Pakistan.

Cheezmall’s Chinese Higher Management

Cheezmall’s Chinese Higher Management

If so, then this will be the biggest achievement of Pakistan by China. Because until now only investment in infrastructure has brought Pakistan, but Pakistan will be what is the Chinese model of e-commerce can improve the shopping, consumer product standards and Pakistan like what China can achieve a discount now being realized in China.

Cheezmall Launches Lenovo Zuk Z1 as partners with Mobicash and Zong

Winter Is Not Coming By Greenpeace France

Anticipation new series “Game of Thrones is an advantage because we approach the sixth large television program” series, so it is not surprising, brand hijacking GOT popularity to promote their services.

There are plenty of fodder GOT fictional land of Westeros play – but perhaps best known for the phrase “winter is coming”, referring to the upcoming winter in the long decades of the fantasy kingdom. As an organization dedicated to stopping global warming, Greenpeace France presented their latest viral videos and miniature twist to this narrative.

The film is high in value and influence. We saw “white Departed” (Westeros “evil monster winter bring) us forward snow as we worry about our safety, funny white Walker by melting ice falls. In the real world, the burning of fossil fuels increase the earth’s temperature, and as a result of snow and ice melting fast, the winter is losing ground very much. any change in global temperature would be catastrophic scale human story. Because stripline film explained, “several times further, change the whole story. ”

Own video traffic drives on the French Greenpeace website microsite. Interesting here will please the fans of the animated GIF, while providing future of the planet depressing news. You need your French language skills are memes, but it is worth it.

OMD Pakistan wins silver in the agency and the Asia-Pacific campaign Awards 2015

Pakistan took OMD, part of Omnicom Media Group home the silver “annual media institutions Pakistani award,” Movement brand name for the award in the Asia-Pacific Office address. Is the second year in Pakistan OMD has won the Silver Award.

OMD was awarded according to the highest standards and provide a long-term partnership with all customers, and focus on core values, such as service excellence and trust, transparency and commitment.

CEO of OMD and proudly pointed out that “Pakistan has won the annual media agency OMD silver accomplishments Pakistan, as well as a large supporting role of a global network OMD”.

Best Annual Pacific movement stands for “inspiring leadership, management excellence, outstanding performance for companies and public performance” in the field of advertising and communications Asia and the Pacific.

TDF won multiple accounts

Digital Factory (TDF) recently acquired a number of new accounts, including Mstudio and ChaiWala.

The agency will deal with social media, digital PR and influencer marketing trademarks mentioned.

In here, the agency has also accelerated the well-known brands of major projects including INTERWOOD Lifewares shops and Nestle launched before 1000 days activities.

According to COO TDF, Adil Yasar Sidi square “in the past few months, we have landed new accounts and only a handful of projects. We have to pick up work from some well-known brands on the market a wide variety of this work is not limited to social media, including creative brand, strategic planning and digital tasks. ”

The agency has made some significant achievements in 2015 for the purpose of a lot more in 2016.

TDF in many projects, the innovative and creative work in the following mentioned section 2015

  • Infinix Note 2 release
  • HBL always open – Digital PR
  • INTERWOOD MOBEL Lifewares, the store launched Dolmen Mall – Digital PR
  • Nuri’s third album Digital PR Release
  • PAS 15 Award, Digital Media Partners
  • 14 Acts for Pakistan – Sports
  • Dolmen Shopping Festival 2014– Digital PR
  • Fashion Week – Digital PR
  • KAPRAY – Digital PR, social media and start to beat all competitors
  • Coca bank book – collusion April
  • Nestle start a healthy stay healthy – event management, public relations and digital entire execution in Karachi
  • and Lahore. TDF official supplier at Nestle Pakistan now.
  • Twittistaan ​​- TDF-owned platform