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Shop only in Rs 1 on 23rd march at


Cheezmall history maker is all set to launch the latest date in e-commerce from Pakistan by placing rush hour items to be sold for Rs 1 including all taxes and delivery charges only.

Shopping only in Rs 1 on 23rd March

Now make the purchase only in Rs 1 On 23rd March at

Sounds crazy? Yes, it is because stepped up again in launching the biggest event for online shopping in Pakistan where all customers will have a chance to get units for Rs 1 only.

getting items for Rs 1 only

Each product at the rush hour offers would be Rs 1 only in that one does not have to pay any additional cost along with Rs 1 price. Products are shown as rush hour event.

1 rupee offer @ cheezmall

There is no limit on the purchase, no minimum bucket, no minimum purchase, no additional charges, no taxes included separately, no shipping everything would buy at Rs 1 only and products in your door step by paying of Rs 1 child delivery.

Buy in Rs 1 only at cheezmall

What else needs to get someone mad? has left nothing behind in making online shoppers go crazy. On the day of national happiness, has brought some national spirit in online shopping as well.

1 rupee offer at cheezmall

There were about 13-15 items available on this day. Each product get open after every hour and a customer can order 1 SKU only through an ID.

One rupee offer at cheezmall

There would be an average of 30 items per SKU which means an average of 30 consumers might have the opportunity to order these products to Rs 1 single and after 30 orders of action would be oversupplied.

Buy in rs 1 at cheezmall also share the name of each winner order for everything to be fair and products could reach end consumers without any bluff.
In order to be readily available, cheezmall would complete customer support on Facebook and Watsapp to consumers in order to provide more.

23rd march 1 rs offer

There would be a Mega event also at the end. Last agreement would be 1 Samsung Mobile B310. A consumer would have the opportunity to end this Samsung mobile for Rs 1 only.

cheezmall 23rd march offer

Cheezmall just break all day March 23, offered through these crazy offers in the National Day. After making history in selling mobile Zuk then officer XIAOMI sale through cheezmall, this step of Rs 1 hour deals shopping tip is something that states really that cheezmall soon change the future of online shopping in Pakistan customers are about to get the best benefits is that ever can have in online shopping experience that was ruined by former players like Daraz, kaymu etc.

So be prepared, fasten your Internet speed, devices and make your family and friends will be available with different devices, and an order ID would only be entertaining. A moment back to keep better devices and Internet speed in order to obtain especially Samsung mobile products at Rs 1 only.

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