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Winter Is Not Coming By Greenpeace France


Anticipation new series “Game of Thrones is an advantage because we approach the sixth large television program” series, so it is not surprising, brand hijacking GOT popularity to promote their services.

There are plenty of fodder GOT fictional land of Westeros play – but perhaps best known for the phrase “winter is coming”, referring to the upcoming winter in the long decades of the fantasy kingdom. As an organization dedicated to stopping global warming, Greenpeace France presented their latest viral videos and miniature twist to this narrative.

The film is high in value and influence. We saw “white Departed” (Westeros “evil monster winter bring) us forward snow as we worry about our safety, funny white Walker by melting ice falls. In the real world, the burning of fossil fuels increase the earth’s temperature, and as a result of snow and ice melting fast, the winter is losing ground very much. any change in global temperature would be catastrophic scale human story. Because stripline film explained, “several times further, change the whole story. ”

Own video traffic drives on the French Greenpeace website microsite. Interesting here will please the fans of the animated GIF, while providing future of the planet depressing news. You need your French language skills are memes, but it is worth it.

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